We have launched our new brand called “Seeknit” which means to seek your own knitting world.
The purpose of this brand is we make you feel the creative knitting world more closely through supplying our productions and any activities.
Kinki Amibari will contribute the succession and promotion of knitting culture in the future.


japanese materials




Bamboo knitting needles are long-seller products to be used by us widely around the world from past until present. Bamboo is the best material for knitting needles because bamboo has strong fibers, durable, pliant and light in weight. The number of vascular bundles for Japanese bamboo is particularly very large so it would be hard, flexible, and shiny texture. We have used Moso bamboo and Japanese timber bamboo by selecting carefully from among many species of bamboo.

Bamboo grows extremely fast and is renewable resources. Using bamboo is a little influence for environment and cutting down bamboo to make wares such as knitting needles would be related to the eco-activity to preserve the environment and forests. That is one of the reasons why bamboo knitting needles with environment-friendly and natural materials are beloved of many knitters for a long time.

made by skilled craftsmen




It is required a high level skill to manufacture knitting needles with stable quality because the nature of bamboo differs depending on a species as well as varies according to the locality and seasonally.

We established in 1916 as a manufacture of bamboo products. We acquired a lot of expertize and technique of manufacturing bamboo products in the past 100 years. Utilizing all of our accumulated technology, we were able to introduce our original knitting needles in the market. One is a circular needle of which right-and-left needle length is different with each other, the other one is a circular needles of which cord is connected to each needle with our original swivel joint, which made it possible to knit smoothly without twisting the cord.

Although we have an abundant line-up of bamboo knitting needles in the range of needle lengths and sizes, we always consider satisfying requirements from knitters, so we will make further effort to launch new products and to improve knitting needles to be easier to use from now on.


The founder Unokichi OAYAMA devised and completed its proprietary manufacturing method for bamboo knitting needles through trial and error.

founded in 1916



Founded in 1916, we have continuously produced bamboo knitting needles to keep our business policy supplying high quality products handed down from generation to generation. We use carefully selected Japanese high quality bamboo and we will do our best for your satisfaction with utilizing our expertise and technique in years.